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One of the biggest and most important Jain temples in India, the extremely beautiful Ranakpur complex is well worth seeing.  It lies in a remote and quiet valley of the Aravalli Range 60km

The main temple is the Chaumukha Temple, or Four Faced Temple, dedicated to Adinath, the first tirthankar.  Built in 1439, this huge, beautifully crafted and well-kept marble temple has 29 halls supported by 1444 pillars, no two of which are alike.  Within the complex are two other Jain temples – to Neminath and Parasnath – and, a little distance away, a Sun Temple.  The

from Udaipur.

Amba Mata Temple is one km from the main complex.


Rajasthan's only hill station sprawls along a 122m high plateau in the south of the state, close to the Gujarat border.  There are many myths and legends as to when or how Mt Abu came into existence.  According to one, Mt Abu is as old as the Himalaya.  It was named after Arbuda, a might serpent who saved Shiva's revered bull, Nandi, from plunging into an abyss.  Another legend relates that in Mt Abu, the four Rajput fire clans, the Chauhans, Solankis, Pramaras and Pratiharas, were created from a fire pit by Brahmin priests.